I'm Rob Roschewsk, KA2PBT and I would like to be your Northern New Jersey Section Manager.

I believe my decades of experience in Amateur Radio coupled with organizational skills, passion for youth mentoring, and commitment to community service uniquely qualify me for this leadership role. My goal as Section Manager is to continue to use my diverse interests and background to promote all facets of Amateur Radio with a special focus on youth activities, building and making, radio sport and public service.

My wife Lee and I reside in Central Warren County. I have two college age children, Samantha and Nick (KD2HBR).

I received my NOVICE license on 4/16/1982, and upgraded to TECHNICIAN later that summer at the FCC Field office on Varick Street in NYC.

When the Volunteer Examiner program started, I practiced code hoping to upgrade to GENERAL, instead I upgraded to ADVANCED and passed the 20 WPM code exam. I failed the EXTRA exam during that session but returned the following month and passed. I have held an EXTRA class license since 6/3/1986.

I have a B.S. In Computer Science from the College of Staten Island (CUNY). I currently work as a Server and Network engineer in the Telecommunications sector.

In the early 80s, as a young college student in Staten Island, I collaborated with Carl Glovinsky, WA2IAF (sk) to build a repeater controller based on a TRS-80 Color Computer. The controller included a speech synthesizer, autopatch, time of day, outside temperature, WEST-LINK reports, and many other housekeeping functions. It also included a 6-second digital voice storage recorder that could be used for ID tail messages. For the 80s it was an impressive piece of work!

I started with Packet Radio while it was still in its infancy. I built a TAPR TNC-1 and was one of only a handful of stations in the Northeast on 145.01 at the time.

I was active on satellites, particularly the “Russian Birds” RS-6 and RS-8. I decoded data from the University of Surrey satellites UoSAT OSCARS 9 & 11 using a repurposed BELL-202 MODEM. Later I hand built a PSK modem to work the first microsats in particular AO-16.

I am the primary developer of MULTIRX, a GNU RADIO application designed to support volunteer first responders in Warren County. Using an inexpensive RTL-SDR dongle, all of the first-responder channels in the county are received, recorded and streamed on the web simultaneously. This is NOT a scanner! Crew members can listen to incidents using their cell phone or other internet device. The recorded audio has been used to council more junior team members on proper radio protocol.

Recently, I have been very involved with youth activities in Warren County, NJ. I am a founding member of the 721st Mechanized Contest Battalion, our mission statement:

We specialize in showing youth the power of Amateur (Ham) Radio to tie together Electronics, Engineering, Mechanics, Building and Making.

The 721MCB and I have worked with my good friend Carole Perry, WB2MGP to send students to present at the Dayton Hamvention three times. In 2013 the team designed, built and presented E-APS: The Emergency Antenna Platform System, a pole climbing robot to carry antenna up lamp posts to improve communications in emergency situations. In 2014, a student presented “Band-in-a-Bucket” an HF antenna built with 3D printed parts, stored in a two gallon paint pail, ready for rapid deployment. In 2016, two students presented the “SAR Antenna” a collapsible yet ridged VHF antenna carried by Search and Rescue Teams in “go packs” to extend range.

At World Maker Faire 2013 in Queens, NY, E-APS, “the pole climbing antenna built by the kids in the green shirts” was exhibited and awarded a blue ribbon for “Editor’s Choice”.  The project appeared on a BBC report about the event, featured on the build site “Hack-a-Day”, and has appeared in other local and national media.

I am on the board of Warren County Technical School and have used that position to promote Amateur Radio activities. The school hosted an ARISS contact in November 2013 where Luca Parmitano KF5KDP answered ten students’ questions. The school has a fully functioning HF station and has participated in on-the-air events like “School Club Roundup”. The 721MCB VE team typically holds a VE session for students once a year during school hours.

In 2016, I presented at the Dayton Hamvention Instructors Forum where the topic of my talk was “Advancing Amateur Radio in the School System”.

I am a coach-mentor for Warren Tech’s FIRST Tech Challenge robotics Team 5339 since 2013.

I participate Warren County RACES and have FEMA certification for ICS-100, ICS-200, IS-00700.a, IS-00800.b. I am occasionally the voice behind WC2EM during the monthly NJ State check-in.


721st Mechanized Contest Battalion

The Emergency Antenna Platform System (Dayton 2013)

Band in a Bucket (Dayton 2014)

WCTS ARISS contact

Advancing Amateur Radio in the School System (Dayton 2016)

The MULTIRX System


That time my callsign flew on Uosat Oscar-9

Liberty Cup Race Excitement (WorldRadio 1984)

SAREX 2 (STS-51F) July 1985